Relay for life

10:04 PM 05/04/2008

An update from the depths of an offline SL and a hangover!

Vanity Universe's Skin Fair 2008 has been extended one more week because of the downtime today! hooray!

Also, I have purchased a small plot of land and i have set up a satellite store which will function as a secondary outlet, complete with a direct TP and the kind of music that inspires me to create the things i create.

Keep your eyes peeled for Relay For Life skins! I will becreating 4 skins for this, and I am undecided as to whether or not they will be RFL exclusive content. I hate limiting my content. We shall see what happens!

<3 i heart you!

12:03 PM 22/03/2008

The Shadow bloged me, I'm SO flattered!

VUSF08 Gift Cards

1:37 PM 08/03/2008

Dear Valued Customers,

please Note that some complications have arisen with the gifrt cards you have recieved form me with association to skin fair 2008.

To redeem the cards, please ignore the instructions on the back of the card.

Instead, please go to my store, and select the products you wish to receive.

Place the gift card in a folder labeled “EMA SF08 GC [your name here].” in the folder please also place a notecard with the EXACT NAMES of the products you would like to receive.

Drop this folder to my inventory, and i will send you your thing as soon as i am able to. If your product selection exceeds the value of the cars, i will contact you to make payment arrangements for the outstanding balance before sending you your items.

I am sorry for any confusion that this may have caused.

Thank you for your continued patronage and support.

<3 Lex

*please note that gift cards marked with the promotion code VUSF08 expire at 12 midnight on April 30 2008; cards received after this time will not be redeemed. VUSF08 cards are limited to one card per customer. The seller reserves the right to revoke this offer at any time. Incorrectly filled out notecards will be sent back to the customer.

Skin Fair 2008

7:16 PM 23/02/2008

So! I just confirmed with Carl Crabe that I am going to be participating in EFA's first interntational Second Life skin exhibition, Skin Fair 2008. I honestly can't even begin to express my excitement.

Skin Fair 2008

woo hoo!

5:18 AM 16/02/2008

So! 2 more feral skins out last night. I'll just post thumbnails. Can't type much more.. my cat clawed a hole in one of my typing fingers >_<.


woo hoo!

5:18 AM 16/02/2008

I have a feeling that soon I will be wanting to hire models, and possibly a photographer Doing all the modeling and photography on top of the graphic design, shop layouts and customer service is becoming a bit of a drain on what should be skin designing time.

Also, I think it would be a lot of fun to have some other ladies to share my fun with!

P.S. I know it has NOTHING to do with skins, but you have to go to Maitreya and check out the Chichi shoes. They are to die for.

valentines day is here!

7:18 PM 14/02/2008

And with that, I make my debut on the skin market, a place I have wanted to be for over a year.

For valentines i created 2 looks to offer at a discount price. Kitten, a golden smokey eye with a heart print on the brow bone and outer corners, with multidimensional red lips, and slightly flushed cheeks. Lub, a bright pink and frosty white look with the same heart print on the brow bone and outer corners at Kitten. Neutral lips draw additional attention to the brightness of the eyes.

My ultimate goal is to bring the joy of tasteful excess to the faces of sl in a way that no other has.

If there is something that you want to see in the skin world, let me know and i shall do my best to create it for you.

My influences stem from a multitude of sources, from the natural world of plants, animal and nature, to the exotic wild color of broadway show girl musicals and carnivals. The boldness of runway glamour, remixed to wear both on and off the catwalk.