WTF is Viral?

Viral is a viral marketing gift card program EMA is starting up.

Basically, a few select awesome people, called Carriers, will get these cards, called VM Cards, which they can give out to anyone they want. VM Cards will give the bearer a L$500 discount on any EMA product.

Each VM Card is coded with a Carrier specific code, and whenever a VM Card is redeemed, the Carrier it originated from will get $L200 worth of credit towards any EMA product. Each Card is [no mod | copy | trans] so that they can be given to as many people as possible.

VM cards are limited to one VM card redemption per user, per infection period. The current infection period ends July 31, 2008. Each VM card is processed by hand by Alexis Stapovic, and therefore each user redeeming a card will be logged, preventing any abuse of the Viral program.

Apply to be a carrier

Currently, Carrier status is only available by invite. Check back soon for information on applications.